Challenge Course

Challenge course

When was the last time you balanced on a beam or climbed a rope ladder 35 feet into the sky? And when did you last help someone else achieve those feats?

Since 2010, Principia School has successfully used its on-site, state-of-the-art Challenge Course to develop communication, problem-solving, and collaboration among its students from kindergarten through high school. 

Now, the benefits of structured Challenge Course sessions are available to the entire St. Louis community. Groups of all types and sizes—from classrooms to corporations, sports teams to scout groups—are invited to schedule sessions led by Principia’s certified instructors. We can even come to your site to do some team building activities with your group. Contact us to find out about availability, pricing, and the types of sessions available.

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We'd love to hear about your needs, show you around the course, and design appropriate options for your group.

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What does Principia’s Challenge Course offer?

courseWe have two sections—the low course and the high course, which has a rock-climbing wall and ropes section.

Closer to ground level, our low course poses interesting dilemmas that call for imaginative maneuvering and movement. Sometimes, you’re racing against time, sometimes against “in the box” thinking. Either way, you're practicing your collaboration skills, and the results include creative solutions and fun—for children and adults alike.

For groups wanting high adventure and a more physical challenge in some instances, the 35-foot climbing wall and high course are available. With top-quality equipment and qualified instructors who put safety first, you’ll learn to support each other and scale new heights. (All high course participants are secured by a rope.) The outcome? Individual accomplishment (with the group’s support), collective camaraderie, and improved collaboration skills such as trust and communication. Best of all, you'll experience personal growth and the achievement of having pushed through personal limits. Climb on!

Is the Challenge Course designed primarily for children?

climberYes—and no. Of course, the joy of being in the outdoors appeals to the kid in all of us. But when it comes to working effectively with others . . . that’s a skill worth developing throughout one’s life, especially in our increasingly interconnected world.

What are the benefits of a Challenge Course session?

Just like learning to play an instrument, shoot three-pointers, or paint a portrait, the skills of collaboration and teamwork improve with training—and with lots of practice.

Principia School’s Challenge Course program offers a structured, safe space for strengthening the complex and intertwined skills of interpersonal communication, self-motivation, and collaboration—all in an atmosphere that values perseverance and joy.

Understanding each individual’s role and value in a group, learning when and how to lead and follow, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout challenges (and failures)—these are some of the mindsets you’ll get to exercise during a Challenge Course session.

What Participants Say

“We have a variety of students with different quirks and needs. The staff were positive and did an excellent job flowing with the quirks and supporting our students.”
“We will continue to reference the experience at the ropes course throughout the year.”
“Appreciate the real-life connections made between learning and development from the activities.”
“Great staff! Great Program! We are extremely satisfied with the experience.”
“They understood that every child is unique with different needs. That is crucial for our students' success on the high ropes course.”
“I really appreciate the effort to accommodate needs and preferences and the efficient and effective communication.”