Principia Chats Video Highlights

Principia Chat May 8, 2012: Director of Principia Lifelong Learning, Kim Browning, and Education Faculty member, Nikki Gamrath.

Principia Chat March 27, 2012: Principia School Athletic Director, Travis Brantingham, and Principia College Athletic Director, Lee Ellis.


Principia Chat January 31, 2012: Director of Principia Leadership Institute, David Wold.

What is the Leadership Institute and what are its goals?

Foundational Basis for the Institute

Leadership Institute Activities

Future Plans

Adjustments and Evolution of the Program

Reaching All Students

Principia’s Uniqueness

Starting from a Solid Foundation

Leadership as Responsibility

Specific Skills Developed

Building on Past Efforts

Eliciting Greatness

Creating Team Players

Measuring Success

Principia Chat November 15, 2011: Deans of Students at Principia College and Principia School, Dorsie Glen and Lee Fletcher-McGookin, respectively.

Structure of School Discipline Process (Lee)

Structure of College Discipline Process (Dorsie)

“True Discipline Rarely Creates a Breach” (Lee)

A Circle of Love (Dorsie)

Student Involvement in Process (Dorsie and Lee)

Student Transformation (Lee)

College Community Commitment (Dorsie)

What it Means to be a Principian (Lee)

Principia Chat September 20, 2011: Euphrates Institute Director Janessa Gans Wilder talks about the “Beyond 9/11” summit at the College and the Euphrates Institute partnership with Principia.

Janessa's Background

Our World Beyond 9/11 Summit

Euphrates Fellows Program

Expected Outcome from the Summit

Dignitaries Visiting the College for the Summit

Summit Talks to be Recorded and Available

Applying the Golden Rule Globally

Field Study Programs

Rekindled Optimism

Principia Chat May 24, 2011: Chief Administrative Officer Peter Stevens chats with Chief Executive Dr. Jonathan Palmer, providing updates on Principia's strategic plan, "Rising Higher, Reaching Further."

A Mission-Driven Strategic Plan

Academic Excellence

Experiential Learning

Master's Degree Programs

Character Education

Global Learning

Possible Satellite Locations

Interviewing International Students

Master Planning

Principia Chat April 26, 2011: Chief Administrative Officer Peter Stevens chats with Gary Gentry, director of online academic programs.

Genesis of the Online Initiative

Why Expand Online?

Program Offerings

Pilot Credit Courses

Technology Advances

Effective Training

Digital Engagement

Plan for Progression

Developing an Online Culture

Character Education Online

Principia Chat February 24, 2011: Libby Scheiern and Jane Rieder talk with Chief Administrative Officer Peter Stevens about Teaching and Learning Excellence at Principia College and School.

Genesis of the College Teaching Excellence Center

Reaching All Students

Differentiated Instruction

Paradigm Shift

Think, Pair, Share Strategy

Take-Away Cards Strategy

Faculty Participation

Tiering or Flexible Grouping Strategy

Build It ... They Will Come

A Professional Learning Community

Sharing Strategies Across Grade Levels

Meeting Needs of New and Seasoned Teachers

Changing Approaches

Principia Chat January 18, 2011: Upper School teachers Jodi Fielding and Rich Eisenauer talk with Chief Administrative Officer Peter Stevens about the new Freshman Experience program, an interdisciplinary, experiential approach to nurturing first-year high schoolers.

How the Freshman Experience Came Into Being

Early Tests for the Program

A Team of Teachers

The Student Experience

Defining Mission, Vision, Values for the Program

Continuity for Students

Freshmen Unity

Making "Transfer of Knowledge" Possible

The Classroom as a Vehicle for Character Education

Principia Chat December 9, 2010: College Academic Dean Scott Schneberger talks with Chief Administrative Officer Peter Stevens about the College’s increased international opportunities, online learning, master’s degrees, and the new teaching and learning centers.

Principia College Academic Dean discusses international opportunities, online learning, and more

Shift to outcome-based assessment

Goal: 75 percent of all faculty holding "terminal" degrees

Master's degrees at Principia College

Future satellite locations

Who would provide instruction and where might the first satellite be located?

Online education at Principia

Other Online Opportunities

Principia Chat November 11, 2010: Middle School Director Alyssa Henn talks with Chief Administrative Officer Peter Stevens about the renovations underway and how these facility updates support the curricular shifts already happening.

How the renovation validates the progress and change already happening at Middle School

Focus on identity, unity, functionality

How the new spaces support academic excellence, student creativity, and teamwork

Phase 1: Renovated bookstore, library, and art room to be occupied in early 2011

Phase 2: A new Middle School entrance and commons area to come

Phase 3: Future classroom upgrades and access to the outdoors