The Principia Health & Welfare Benefit Plan for Faculty and Staff provides the following coverages options for benefit-eligible staff: 403(b) Retirement Plan, Christian Science care, Medical,  Dental, Healthcare and Dependent Care Flex Spending Account, Basic Life Ins, Supplemental Life AD&D, and Short-term Disability. See the individual plans for eligibility and cost information.   

The links below will provide you with information and required forms for many of the benefit plans. If you have additional questions, please contact the Human Resources Office on your campus or click on the link below. 

Click here  to e-mail Principia’s Director of Compensation and Benefits     

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Provider website link: Transamerica


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 Staff Tuition Benefit Increase

Jonathan Palmer
Thu, May 28, 2015

I am grateful to announce that, with the support of Principia’s Trustees and administration, the tuition benefit amount will be increasing from 20 percent of salary to 100 percent of tuition, effective July 1, 2015. As with the current tuition discount program, this benefit applies to all benefits-eligible Christian Science staff whose children are enrolled in a for-credit, tuition-based Principia educational program from Pre-K through College. Daycare and Acorn programs continue to be excluded from this program because, per current IRS code, they are not allowed as a tax-free benefit. 

Principia places a high value on providing an engaging, challenging, and uplifting student experience. The primary reason for this change is to directly support this priority by helping attract, hire, and retain the most-qualified individuals available to deliver that experience. One of the most valuable benefits we have to offer is our educational product. By equalizing the benefit across salary ranges, this enhancement to the tuition discount benefit supports current staff by removing the existing disadvantage to single parents and employees in lower paid positions. We expect it will also make Principia a more attractive place to work, increasing our ability to attract and retain highly qualified new employees.  

The improved tuition benefit will be calculated based on the full-time equivalency (FTE) of the staff member’s position. As long as one or more parents hold benefits-eligible positions at Principia that total one full-time position (1.0 FTE), all qualifying children will receive a 100 percent discount on tuition. Here are some examples to illustrate how this improved benefit will be administered:

  • A single parent with a full-time (1.0 FTE) position will receive 100 percent tuition discount on all enrolled children;
  • A single parent with a part-time (.5 FTE) position will receive 50 percent tuition discount;
  • Married parents with one full-time (1.0 FTE) position and one part-time (.5 FTE) position will receive 100 percent tuition discount on all children, based on the first parent’s eligibility;
  • Married parents with one part-time (.5 FTE) position and a second part-time (.5 FTE) position will receive 100 percent tuition discount on all children, based on their combined FTE eligibility.

The tuition discount for partial-year benefits-eligible staff (new hires and resignations) will be based on employee start and/or end dates. For example, a new full-time hire beginning work for Principia in January would receive 50 percent tuition discount for all children enrolled in that academic year. (Note that this is, essentially, 100 percent for half the year). The tuition discount may not be applied retroactively.

Beginning with the 2015–16 academic year, the discount will be applied automatically. Any scholarship awards will be applied first, followed by the tuition discount. Room and board fees continue to be excluded from the tuition discount benefit. Staff members who have already submitted an application for financial aid for next year will receive a financial aid decision if aid was requested on room and board costs. For those who have tuition only/day student(s), your application will be cancelled and the new tuition benefit applied. If you have questions about your situation, please contact Katie Schiele, assistant director of financial aid.

The online Employee Handbook will be updated with this new benefit information shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the benefit, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Office. Any questions regarding scholarships or financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.   


How-to [ppt]

Employee Self-Service Registration Video



 403(b) Retirement Plan

General Plan Information

Summary Plan Description for The Principia Corporation Retirement Plan for Faculty and Staff


New Plan Recordkeeper

The Principia Recordkeeper FAQ

Establish or access your retirement account at the following link:
Schedule Appointments with StraightLine:

Recordkeeper Presentation Slides: Watch Now
Recordkeeper Transition Information Session Audio: Listen Now

The Principia Corporation Beneficiary Designation Instructions

All elective deferral changes are made via the Transamerica portal at the following link: Loans and Hardship withdrawal administration will also be administered by Transamerica through the portal.


Investment Advisor

StraightLine Investment Advisors
Click here  to e-mail Principia’s Director of Compensation and Benefits if you have a question regarding your plan.





General Healthcare Plan Information

Below is a sample of the ID card that you should have received from BAS.  If you don't have your ID card, call 800.523.0582, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. CT, and ask for the Eligibility Department.

If you have any urgent need, please call Debbie Thompson at 314.514.3115 or 239.287.7397 (cell).

PrinCare Plus

General Plan Information

PrinCare Plus Summary Plan Description (SPD)

Privacy Notice

PrinCare Plus provides reimbursement for Christian Science care and financial security from medical indebtedness by providing coverage for medical care expenses.  The plan operates much like any other employer-sponsored healthcare plan.  For the current listing of benefits covered by the plan, please click on the link below under the heading “About Your Plan”.

PrinCare Plus Reimbursement Form and Instructions


About Your Plan
PrinCare Plus Schedule of Benefits
Glossary of Health Coverage and Terms
PrinCare Plus Summary of Benefits and Coverage (Department of Labor format)

Contact Information
PrinCare Plus utilizes the Healthlink Open Access III Network for medical services. For medical care outside the St. Louis area, the PHCS/MultiPlan network is available.

Provider website links 
Healthlink – Home
Healthlink Open Access III Network–Provider Listing for greater St. Louis and Jersey County        


Income Security Plan

CIGNA Short Term Disability Application for Service Employees

Benefit highlight form for Service Workers

Benefit highlight form for Christian Science employees

Income Security application for Christian Science

How to Report a Disability Claim


Dental & Vision Plans

Principia offers two Aetna PPO Dental Plans (Low PPO and High PPO). Enrolled members can access information about their Aetna benefits online at

Aetna Benefits Helpline 877.238.6200 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to address your dental and vision questions. 

Principia’s Vision Plan provider is also Aetna. 


Provider website links



About Your Plans

2016 Dental Plan

How to Locate a Dentist
St. Louis Aetna Dental Listing
Elsah Aetna Dental Listing
Dental High Plan
Dental Low Plan
Dental Wallet Card

2016 Vision Plan

Vision Benefit Summary
Vision Directory

Other Information

Dental and Vision Network coverage is available outside the greater St. Louis area. Use the “Provider On-line Search” on the Aetna web site or contact Aetna directly.  


Group Basic and Voluntary Life Insurance

Goup Life coverage for all eligible faculty and staff is provided by The Hartford Life Insurance Companies. Contact the HR Department for additional information or questions about group and voluntary life coverage.

Provider website links

CIGNA – Home


Principia Beneficiary Form

Optional Term Life Insurance Rates

Cigna Evidence of Insurability Form


About Your Plans

Basic Life Benefit Highlights

Optional Voluntary Life Benefits Highlights


Other Information

Cigna Secure Travel

Life Assistance Program

Value Added Programs



Group Healthcare Plan for Service Workers

Group Heathcare coverage for all eligible service workers is provided by United HeathCare. Contact Customer Care at the number found on the back of your ID card. A sample card is located under General Healthcare Plan information. If you don't have your ID card, call 866.633.2446, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. CST

24 Hour Nurse Line   Telephone number available on the back of your UHC ID card.

Care24 Counseling   click on link or call 888.887.4114


About your plans

United Health Care Plan Benefit Summary JU6 
United Health Care Plan Benefit Summary JUQ


Provider website links

United HeathCare - Home                       

United HealthCare Health Plan Election Form


 Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan

Contact Information

Please contact Human Resources for details and clarification.
Login to (or set up) your own Flex Account here


Provider website links

BAS - Home
Flex Health General Information



BAS Flex Health Eligible Expenses

BAS Flex Health Reimbursement Form

BAS Flex Dependent Care Claim Form

Flex Dependent Change Form


About Your Plans

Summary Plan Description

2016 Flex General Information