Copy Shop Pricing

Copy Services Price List [PDF]

Black/White (grayscale)
Color 12¢
Copy Services offers services for personal use; however, selling of goods for personal use is not allowed.
Using your dept. or personal calling code free!
Personal (without long distance code)  
domestic $1/page (max $5)
international $2/page (max $10)
Roll - lightweight (24 inch maximum width) 50¢/foot
3MM-Extra Heavy  
Spiral Binding
up to 25 books 60¢ each
26 to 50 books 50¢ each
51 to 75 books 40¢ each
76 or more 30¢ each
Plastic covers (8.5x11) 30¢ each
Black covers (STL) 40¢ each
Tabs - Sheet of 5 (STL) 50¢ each
Additional charges
Cutting $1.00/project
Folding 1¢/sheet
Inserting 3¢/sheet
Hole punching $1.00/project
Stapling 1¢/staple
Principia stationery
Letterhead 11¢ sheet, $45/ream (500)
Labels (4" x 2") 55¢/sheet (10/sheet)
Coopier Weight (ream=500 sheets, case=10 reams)  
8.5x11 (letter size)  

White 20# (BW Copier)

       White 20# (BW Copier) $33.75/case
       White 28# (Color Copier) 2¢/sheet-$10.31/ream
       Colored Paper (Pale) 2¢s/sheet-$7.00/ream
       Colored Paper (Bright) 2¢/sheet-$10.00/ream
8.5x14 (legal size)  
       White 1¢/sheet-$6.00/ream
11x17 (tabloid size)  
       White 4¢/sheet-$20.63/ream
Cover Stock (ream = 250 sheets)  
       White 65# (BW Copier) (8.5x11) 4¢/sheet-$11.00/ream
       White 80# (Color Copier) (8.5x11) 6¢/sheet-$15.00/ream
       White (11x17) 6¢/sheet-$15.00/ream
       Color (8.5x11) 6¢/sheet-$15.00/ream
       Natural Flax ELS (8.5x11) 10¢/sheet
       Royal Linen ELS (8.5x11) 6¢/sheet
       Ice Blue ELS (8.5x11) 7¢/sheet
Envelopes Printing (includes envelope cost)  
#10 5¢/each/500 per Box
#9 5¢/each/500 per Box
No Carbon Required Multi-form (8.5x11)  
2, 3, and 4 part 6¢/sheet
Chipboard (8.5x11) 5¢/sheet
Inter-Office envelopes
smal or large absolutely free!
But please take good care of them, and keep them in circulation, not buried  
in a desk drawer or file cabinet. Got a bunch? Bring 'em or mail 'em to Copy  
Services (either campus). Need some? Come see us!  
Laser labels - used in projects
4" x 1" (20 labels/sheet) ELS 40¢/sheet
2 5/8" x 1" (30 labels/sheet) ELS 30¢/sheet
8.5x11 (full sheet) ELS 40¢/sheet