Writing Standards

Welcome to The Principia Editorial Style Guide, a resource and quick reference tool intended to help you create written messages in a clear and professional manner consistent with Principia’s style for communicating with its various audiences—alumni and friends, current and prospective families, and donors. This style guide is applicable to all official communications, no matter how they'll be delivered—in print, via e-mail, or on the web. Although different units comprise Principia, we are one institution and need to present ourselves consistently.

This guide, based on The Chicago Manual of Style, highlights and clarifies key points concerning grammar and style but is by no means comprehensive. We have also included information about specific Principia School and College terminology for the purpose of standardizing usage across the campuses.

As matters of style and usage evolve, we’ll continue to review and update this guide. We encourage you to become familiar with its contents. If you search the guide and are unable to find the specific direction you need, please e-mail marketing@principia.edu. We’ll do our best to respond promptly to your question and may also add your topic to the guide. Your feedback will help us make this tool as useful as possible.