Web Services & Standards

The Marketing Department assists clients in need of webpage or other online services, including social media. Whether you need an entirely new page or adjustments to an existing one, this is the place to start.

Our staff can help you find or create solutions to online questions ranging from branding and promoting your website to building registration forms and addressing database needs. 

If you are considering using social media to promote Principia activities or for other work needs, we have Facebook pages and groups already in place. We also have a variety of YouTube channels and a collection of Twitter accounts. We help to manage the Principia LinkedIn and Flickr accounts as well. Our guidelines are available on this site.

Before moving forward with a web or social media initiative, be sure to speak with the Marketing Department to ensure that your plans complement those already in existence for Principia School and College.

Copyright questions should be referred to the Principia Copyright Committee. Please note that as a general rule, there is no "fair use" of music, photos, or videos on Principia's public websites or social media outlets.