Social Media Policies


  1. Who is your target audience/demographic?
  2. How do you want to engage your demographics? i.e. short bursts of content, sharing photos for community building, creating a community in which people can equally sign off on the content you share, etc.
  3. What is your goal with engaging your audience? i.e. sign-up, enroll, donate, visit campus, visit website.
  4. Are you willing and capable of maintaining fresh (even daily) content for your demographic?

Any active campaign should be consider all social media outlets. Established accounts are in: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

All official Principia social media decisions should be reviewed by the Marketing Department before going live.


There are three different ways to communicate with your target audience via Facebook.

Note: With all three of these communication methods you can upload video, leave comments, create conversations, invite people to events, share links and images.



What is it?



Anyone can view/read and “like” a Facebook page. Pages are appropriate for schools, departments, and organizations. Non-Facebook members may read but not participate.

Can be set up using your personal Facebook account or through a special page-only adminstrative account.

Other people "like" a Facebook Page.


Public for Facebook members, Private, or Secret Cannot limit who shares video, photos or comments. Every member can send notifications and events to any or all members and administrators. This allows the greatest amount of interaction between members.

Can be set up using your personal Facebook account.

Other people "join" a Facebook Group.



Profiles are Facebook accounts. You must be “friends” with other members in order to share links, images, video, and events. Your profile can be set to be public or private depending on what settings you choose.

Note: It is discouraged to use your personal Facebook profile for Principia community building. If a Facebook profile is a necessary tool, then it is encouraged for individuals to create a Facebook profile separate from their personal one (much like what College Admissions has done). Principia School discourages all Facebook friendships between faculty/staff and students at this time.

Other people "friend" a Facebook Profile.


Pages: The purpose of Facebook Pages is to build community. The more interaction, via posts, on your page, the more active your whole page will be.

Inactivity for a period of three months will result in disconnecting from Principia College or Principia School pages.

If a Facebook Page is an official page for Principia, Principia Marketing should be consulted and made an administrator of the page. Marketing will help with the naming of the page, the establishment of the URL, and design and content needs.

Profiles: creating a profile for a group or organization is not recommended. But Admissions Counselors currently are creating a separate profile just for work (at college) to keep personal friends separate from prospects and parents. Name the account with “principia[name]” in it, so that it can be distinguished from a personal account, and maybe listed in an email signature as

Principia Pages to “Like:” Connect to Principia College or Principia School page and other related Principia and/or Christian Science pages and/or groups.

Events: Keep events current, always have at least a few upcoming events, link to event site especially registration (don’t confuse with facebook’s “attending”). Events on page will appear for all fans, especially pushed out an invitation [maybe never use].

Status should be set according to calendar if exists, a balance of public relations updates, items of interest for alumni, parents, prospects. Frequency - two or three times weekly, depending on the depth of posts, but never more than daily.

Updates - only for urgent, big events or notifications (arrives in fan inbox not on wall). Use sparingly because it will show up for all fans in update area not news feed.
Three months of active use will show that a page or group is going to be supported in the future. But at any time a period of a week of inactivity shows that the page or group is in need of attention and likely should be disconnected from Principia’s other pages or groups. Keep events current on Facebook page - always have at least a few upcoming events, linked to real site


Videos for Facebook and elsewhere on Principia websites should be embedded from a Principia YouTube channel. This will give us the opportunity to follow the metrics for each video.

Viral video doesn't last; professionally done and directed is where the effort should go; allow comments and respond for interaction.


Flickr is an online photo management tool in which users can share and comment on uploaded photos. To see an example, check out Principia School’s Flickr feed here. Principia College’s Flickr feed is here.


Sets: A set is a folder of images. The account administrator has the ability to organize what images can go in a set. A set may be embedded on a web page as a slideshow.

Collections: A collection is a folder housing more than one set. For example, the Principia Flickr account has a “Middle School” collection in which several Middle School related sets reside.

Groups: A group is an area where other Flickr users can submit their photos. Groups are great for building community sharing through photo contests, alumni event photos, or other events in which multiple people took pictures that they would like to share.

Groups can be restricted on an invite basis only, or open for anyone to join.

Slideshows: A sideshow of a particular set can be created for embedding onto web pages outside of Flickr.

It is wise to promote community building by allowing comments and submissions as much as possible. Crude or personal comments and submissions are not allowed. Only photos of the highest quality should be accepted.



School Flickr - Managed by the Marketing Department
College Flickr - Managed by the Marketing Department



LinkedIn - Managed by College Academic and Career Advising, and Alumni and Field Relations, and Marketing, and Human Resources

Principia does not take any responsibility for pages or social media content purported to represent Principia on unofficial or unapproved social media sites.

Best practices:

  • Once in a long while something truly offensive is posted, which should be removed. Also remove personal information mistakenly posted in public places, such as Facebook wall for a page. Negative comments should get a response, not deleted, if at all possible.
  • Point to others, not pointing to yourself, through quotes, links, suggestions.
  • Link to others' work.
  • Follow others with whom you like to be associated. This also helps those entities to know about you, to follow you.
  • Enter events into Facebook - they translate well into twitter, with links back to them.
  • Twitter feed should be featured on appropriate pages.