Social Media Guidelines

For All Principia-Related Accounts

  • Please contact Marketing prior to creating any Social Media accounts for Principia-related activities. Marketing will meet with you to help determine the best next steps based on your target audience, goals, content, and maintenance plan.
  • For all public social media accounts: Keep prospective students in mind with each post. Ask yourself if what you’re about to share promotes our opportunities, reinforces our core values, debunks myths, or encourages engagement. If not, think twice about posting.
  • When appropriate, share posts from other Principia-related accounts or links to content that features our students, faculty, and alums.
  • Read your posts aloud and check for typos before posting.
  • Tag people and pages to expand the reach of your posts.
    • To tag a person or page, type the “@” sign and then begin typing the name of the person or page you’d like to tag. A list of corresponding people and pages will display, and you can select the appropriate one. Note: this differs from using hashtags (see next bullet).
  • Use one or more relevant institutional hashtags on posts that are particularly strong for our prospective audience.
  • Please contact Marketing before creating a new hashtag. Marketing can help you choose effective hashtags and check to be sure any proposed hashtags are not being actively used for purposes unrelated to Principia.
  • Engage with your followers. Comment when they post something related to Principia activities that relate to the purpose of your social media account. Follow back. Like things. Share and repost/tweet/gram when your social media fans capture a great moment. Encourage fans to use  hashtag.
  • Cross-promote your posts (share an Instagram photo on Facebook, share a link to your Facebook post on Twitter, etc)
  • Post consistently (daily, three times a week, once a week)

For Facebook

  • Post frequency: 1–2/day or 3–4/week
  • Include a photo and one call-to-action link whenever possible.
  • Try to keep your posts under 200 characters (including spaces). If you are linking to an article or page on our website, include just enough information to entice readers to learn more via the link. Note: if you have more you want to communicate, break your copy up into multiple posts and schedule them to run at different times.

For Twitter

  • Keep posts under 140 characters so users can retweet with a comment of their own.
  • Include a photo, link, and hashtag whenever possible.

For Instagram

  • Use quality images (no blurry pictures).
  • Include compelling captions that speak to opportunity, excellence, spiritual growth, etc.
  • Use geotags and hashtags to expand reach.

For Flickr

  • Use quality images.
  • Create sets and collections so your audience can easily find your photos.

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