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iPhone/non-Flash users
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The "Click Here" button above is not just for iPhone or non-Flash users.  It is our "other" stream.  If you are having trouble connecting to the stream on this page, click the "Click Here" button, download the file and play it with an appropriate player like iTunes or VLC.


PIR is registered on the TuneIn Radio website!

On a computer:

Go to on any computer, search for "Principia Internet Radio" and listen to us there.  Or click here to go directly to PIR's feed.

On a mobile device:

Download the  app on any device, search for "Principia Internet Radio" and listen.  Be sure to add us to your "Favorites" and select "Auto restart player" in the app settings so that PIR plays every time you run it!  

Both PIR streams are a high quality 160k!

Try listening with headphones or through a nice stereo system. We sound great!