Strategic Plan

During Principia’s first decade, founder Mary Kimball Morgan wrote: “The problem of education is ever before our thought, demanding successful solution. It is a demand we shall continue to have with us as human thought and experience unfold. To be progressive, education must constantly adjust itself to meet these changing conditions.”

“Changing conditions” are continuing to demand "successful solutions." Worldwide growth in the Christian Science movement, established and emerging technologies, an increased desire for Principia to meet the educational needs of an ever-more-diverse pool of potential students, and progressive ideas in education offer opportunities for Principia to grow. To address these opportunities, Principia launched a 10-year strategic plan in November 2009.

Every facet of the plan springs from and aligns with the mission Mary Kimball Morgan established for Principia: to serve the Cause of Christian Science. The plan explains how Principia will “Rise Higher”—enhance learning, deepen understanding, and more completely unfold character through improved educational experiences. It also shows how the institution will “Reach Further”—establish new channels and fresh ways to reach Christian Scientists of all ages, everywhere—with education, connections, and inspiration shared on campus, online, and throughout the world.

Your participation—your prayer, your perspective, and your support—are essential to Principia’s progress in Academic Excellence, Spiritually Based Character Education, and Expansive Global Learning.

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If I have questions about the strategic plan, who do I contact?

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“There is a plan for the progress of Principia — God’s plan. It is ours to see and understand, so that we may be in harmony with it. In demonstrating Principia we have tried to see what God’s plan is for Principia. For many years we have taken each step under His guidance. May we now see the further unfolding of God’s plan.”