Rising Higher (improvements)

“Rising Higher” with spiritually based character education at Principia includes the following activities:

  1. Consistent Expectations: Character education framework
    School faculty and community members (students, parents, staff) established a character education framework using the Understanding by Design model. The School is developing progressive character expectations—what students should understand and standards for behavior—at each grade level. Training for community members and character education curricula will all be organized according to this framework.
  2. Training: Orientation
    The School will develop and require orientation and training for all community members—faculty, staff, students, and parents—to help them further develop their skills in fostering, from a spiritual standpoint, the unfoldment of character. Orientation for students will be expanded, and new orientation programs will be developed for parents so that all community members can work together more effectively.

  1. Training: Character education training for all faculty and staff
    Structured workshops, seminars, informal talks, and individual training are all part of the College’s strategy to provide character education training for faculty and staff.
  2. Spiritual Emphasis: Sharing Christian Science
    The College is providing more structured and unstructured opportunities for students to share their experience with and application of Christian Science, including ways that their Christian Science practice has supported the unfoldment of character.
  3. Character Engagement: Expanded moral reasoning, Education at The Principia, and policy workshops
    The College’s Moral Reasoning program (presently for freshmen) is expanding to a four-year program, and workshops on Principia’s 23 policies and Education at The Principia will be required for all students.

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The subject matter of the classroom is only the vehicle for the larger purpose. The vital thing is not merely intellectual progress, but it is spiritual progress. And this is the point at which Principia differs from every other school.